Managing your set of suppliers can sometimes be a very daunting task. You end up spending so much of your precious time in fixing the part numbers, updating the stock availability, correcting the pricing. These unproductive operational aspects can directly impact your sales. 

We manage all your diverse set of vendors using the following process:

a. We first clearly define business goals that we need to achieve when working with these vendors. A set of performance parameters are defined to compare each and every specs & pricing that we receive.

b. We select vendors & their products based on the project need. We treat each project uniquely and selecting the right vendor definitely pays off. 

c. We communicate with your vendors almost everyday so that we can monitor their performance. We ensure there is a feedback process so that everything is up to date. We strongly believe, communication & relationship are the two key elements of vendor-customer relationship.

d. Your profitable is our core objective & we influence vendors consistently to meet your business objectives.

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