Lighting Audit

It all beings with Lighting audit, it is perhaps the most critical task that can make or break the deal. Any mistake in the audit will not only result into incorrect proposal but also give installation nightmares. On the other hand accurate and timely audit results into a competitive proposal & insulation is a breeze.

Our in-house trained professionals will systematically capture the field audit with accuracy and speed for you. On site, every little detail gets captured such as:

a. Type of fixtures

b. Type of light source

c. Wattage, CCR, CRI

d. Input voltage

e. Burn hours (Operating Hours)

f. Lumen levels

g. Mounting height

g. High definition pictures

You name it...

But the job does not end here..

We'll deliver the audit to you in your desired format. Be it a spreadsheet or a sophisticated lighting audit software.

We got you covered.